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Bag making with intelligent static control system IQ Easy

Erwin van 't Hul - 02. januari 2017 - Applications

Hudson & Sharp shows the first wicket bag making machine fully equipped with Simco-Ion’s IQ Easy platform.

Their newest machine profits from the new functionality and ease of installation and operation of the Simco-Ion IQ easy platform.

The complete installation exists of:
1 Manager IQ Easy
2x Extension IQ Easy
3x ThunderION 2.0 IQ
2x Performax IQ Easy speed
2x CM tiny
2x HDR chaging bar

What are all these components for and what is their advantage?


The manager IQ Easy is the heart of the system. It provides the visual information about all the devices in the system. It also allows settings to the changed for all devices.


The Extension IQ Easy are present to expand the system with 12 more connections for devices in the machine and allow devices to be connected close to the point of installation. Only one small communication cable is necessary to incorporate all the devices in the platform.


The 3 ThunderION 2.0 IQ anti static bars are located at the delivery (wicket) side of the machine. Their long distance neutralisation capacity ensures all sides of the bags to be neutralised before they are stacked. Efficiency indication will provide a warning to alert the operator to conduct maintenance to ensure further optimal neutralisation.


Two performax IQ Easy speed anti static bars are located just prior to the sealing section to ensure smooth feeding of the material.

The charging generators CM-Tiny are positioned at two locations in the process to aid in handling the material.
One position in combination with the HDR charging bars is to keep the bag flat after the bottom section has been folded. The second CM-Tiny uses static bonding to keep the pull band in place.

Installation was very easy due to standardised mounting brackets and 24V cables. Each device is sell sufficient and does not need an external power supply. This means minimisation and standardisation of cables.
The control signal from the machine do not have to distributed to each single device but only once to the Manager IQ Easy.

All in all a very smooth and exiting installation!

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