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Deliver the best possible quality. Blog serie 2 of 5.

Erwin van 't Hul - 14. september 2018 - Testimonial

Deliver the best possible quality. Blog serie 2 of 5.

Static electricity plays a vital role.

In your efforts to reach 100% quality, controlling static electricity plays a vital role.

Each step in your process adds value to your end product, incurring cost and time.

A high static electricity charge may reduce the quality of your product. It can cause a problem at the next step in your process or when it reaches your customer on their different aspects. Slower machine speeds, not able to unwind, damaged material, dust attraction to name just a few.

Dependable static control systems, early warnings and traceability will enable you to control your process. 

Instead of backtracking a problem and spending huge amounts of time finding the source, early warnings create the opportunity to change the situation before it will create a problem.

If backtracking is necessary all components in the system have a history log of all actions and parameters that give you fast access to possible inconsistencies, locating the source in a fraction of the time.

The logging data can provide valuable additional information about your process not directly related to static electricity. For example, increased static levels or increased ionisation currents may give you an indication that other process conditions have changed. Is there more friction due to defective bearings? Did your supplier change the composition of your base material without notifying you?

Additional benefit!

With all static electricity control systems in place and working you do not have to spend additional time and money on quality control and corrective actions. This means, you have room for new things.

Critical levels and process parameters are set, monitored and reported.

Deviances are indicated and reported.

Minimise the risk that one small component fails or does not provide optimum performance, jeopardising your valuable finished product without you even realising it.  


Data provided about the static electricity system and process values provides traceability and analysis in the event of irregularities.

This was the first step in our foundation to improve profitability.

Next step: 100% Efficiency; Produce as much as possible!

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