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Erwin van 't Hul - 19. maart 2019 - Testimonial

Boost your productivity

The full utilization of your productive assets can be realized when your whole process is controlled with a Simco-ION IQ Easy platform to minimize static charge levels.


 “You love it when a plan comes together. A full order book. 
A perfectly planned machine schedule. 
There is nothing to prevent you reaching your turnover and delivery targets.”

You can monitor all static electricity system components and process parameters. Recognize trends and set early warnings for proactive corrective actions or predictive maintenance. 
Conduct maintenance of the Static control system in the planned down time instead of the most inconvenient production stoppage. 
Accidents happen. Any component can unexpectedly break down or accidents can happen that can damage the Static control equipment such as material breakage affecting a Static elimination bar.

Quick 24V connectors and Easy quick release mounting brackets provide the opportunity to exchange damaged equipment without powering down and with the minimum loss of time.



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