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Optimal efficiency. Blog serie 3 of 5.

Erwin van 't Hul - 20. september 2018 - Testimonial

Optimal efficiency. Blog serie 3 of 5.

Produce as much as possible.

Of course, 100% efficiency is a dream, but significant improvements can be achieved.

Static control equipment that always works, reliable and with the optimum performance allows interruption free run time of your process.

Simco-ION IQ Easy system components are designed with the highest quality and durability standards. An extended 4 year warranty provides our customers with proof of our confidence in a long lasting operation.  

Minimising corrective actions and rework will save time and increase efficiency and result in less or no waste material. Fast access to all static control related process parameters means less waste, and less time consumption during changeover.

Active control and efficiency monitoring the static control system provides dependability.

It also paves the way for optimum performance of your process. Run at the highest speed possible!

Guaranteed efficiency also means operator and process safety.

You can depend on all static control equipment working in optimum condition and static electricity levels actively monitored. This will keep your operators safe and prevent obstructions that risk reducing productivity.

Especially in Explosion hazardous areas (ATEX) keeping static electricity levels safe enables your process to run at the highest possible speed with no interruptions or possible dangerous situations.

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