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Improve your profitability. Blog serie 1 of 5.

Erwin van 't Hul - 21. augustus 2018 - Applications, Testimonial

In command of your complete value chain with intelligent Static Control. Blog serie 1 of 5.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Maximise your profit. The fundamental KPI of your company is the profit created. 

Everything comes down to your profit margin: 

  • Maintaining or improving your market position 
  • Providing future investment and growing the business 
  • Ensuring long term stability 

Where can improvements be made?

  • Quality assurance 
  • Long term stability 
  • Dependability 
  • Predictability 
  • Traceability and controllability 


In your efforts to improve on all these aspects a hidden force works against you. It’s possible that your company has not identified this problem and addressed it as a process or a companywide issue. Usually it is treated as a nuisance instead of an opportunity: 


Every process that involves plastic will have several issues with static electricity. Traditionally these issues are solved on a localised basis, doing just enough to tackle the problem and keep production running. It is a cliché but true; The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If any of these local fixes fail, it will impair your finished product! Your Margin! 

The solution is so simple! In our next post, the complete picture.

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