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Successful alliance with Barry Wehmiller

Erwin van 't Hul - 24. april 2017 - Testimonial

Simco-ION signes agreement with Barry Wehmiller

In January 2017 Simco-Ion has signed an agreement with Barry Wehmiller Europe that ensures a high level of cooperation to gain mutual benefits.

Agreement details

This agreement is between Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., all of its present and future European divisions and Simco and all of its present and future divisions.

The parties hereby agree to cooperate closely in the technical and commercial fields, based on the conditions specified in this agreement in an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust.


Barry-Wehmiller will open its doors to Simco in order to provide future opportunities for both parties. This should allow both Simco and Barry­ Wehmiller to find synergies and come to cost-effective and state of the art solutions.

Simco-Ion looks forward to a very successful partnership with Barry Wehmiller subsiduaries as we already have with Hudson & Sharp for decades.

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